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Fraud, money-laundering, financial disputes and bribery represent growing risks for businesses and government agencies around the world. Grewal Guyatt has become a leader in forensic accounting and investigative analysis as a result of our expert team led by Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Forensics Investigators, Chartered Business Valuators and Chartered Professional Accountants.

Canadian anti-money laundering regulations are complex and changing rapidly. Our Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists work with our clients to ensure that they meet all requirements as stipulated by the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) as well as other relevant Regulations.  We also assist our clients in developing a compliance program inline with FINTRAC guidance.

Asset tracing or "following the funds" is a key aspect of a forensic accounting engagement where the source and disposition of funds is identified. If completed successfully, the asset tracing process uncovers key elements of a case, allowing the forensic professionals to develop a profile of the flow of funds and individuals and entities involved.  

During asset tracing engagements it is important to understand where to find key financial information and to recognize when to engage other professionals such as lawyers.  Due to the sensitive nature of these engagements, preparation is equally as important as conducting the work due to the legal implications involved.  For this reason, it is critical to engage a team that has the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and expertise.

Computer forensics are integral to most fraud investigations, and it is important that this process is handled with precision, discretion and advanced technological procedures.  Grewal Guyatt is regularly engaged to assist organizations in accessing employee laptops, cell phones, tablets and other devices to retrieve their contents. We have helped recuperate millions of dollars and deter significant further losses for many of our clients. 

Our team can provide early data assessment, rapid collection deployment, secure evidence storage and expert consulting services. In collaboration with external partners, we have the ability to collect and analyze data from anywhere in the world.

Forensic Consulting

We use investigative technology, tools and techniques to collect and analyze data. Our expert consultants customize workflows that protect your sensitive data while also forecasting and controlling costs. Our certified master analysts and expert licensed investigators skilfully and discretely recover deleted files, document user behavior and track data and network activity.

Collection and Preservation

Our leading forensic specialists can collect and preserve data from virtually all types of media and online sources. We provide password removal, decryption services, file format conversions, extraction reports and defensible data remediation.

Document Review

Our team of renowned industry experts can review documents including emails, digital messages and attachments to identify key information. Through the use of cutting-edge technology and tools, we can focus on relevant information before conducting our review, which reduces time and costs without affecting quality. We can upload physical documents and create a “searchable” online platform as part of our document reviews.

Investigations into allegations of fraud or misconduct within a company should be handled with discretion and in a timely manner. Our forensics team is comprised of certified fraud professionals and anti-money laundering specialists.  Our professionals have significant experience with investigative analysis, data analytics and investigative interviewing. 

Through the use of computer forensics and other analytical procedures, we have a proven track record in identifying various fraud schemes across a wide-range of industries for private and public companies of all sizes.

Investigation areas include the following:

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (USA)
  • Corrupt Foreign Public Official Act (Canada)
  • Fictitious vendor schemes
  • Employee fraud, theft and misconduct
  • Payroll fraud
  • Bribery and corruption schemes
  • Procurement fraud
  • Financial statement fraud
  • Misappropriation of funds/assets

Preventative measures should be taken to mitigate the risk of fraud across an organization. We work with our clients to develop strategies designed to detect and prevent fraud. Through an initial fraud risk assessment, we work with your organization to identify areas that may be more susceptible to fraud and to develop recommendations for effective internal controls.  Having led countless fraud risk assessments, we use our experience to provide critical insights and educate our clients to help them reduce fraud risk.

Our forensics team has also been involved with several engagements within the automotive industry from both a preventative and reactive perspective.  We have led internal investigations for car dealerships as well as fraud risk assessments for larger automotive manufacturers. We understand the risks that may affect the industry and are able to work with our clients from a fraud risk management perspective.

Insurance claims can be complex, and each situation is unique.  We help sort through the complexities by breaking down claims into three parts: the business, the event and the insurance coverage. Understanding these three aspects of insurance claims is critical and requires experience and specialized knowledge.

When a business incurs damages, lost profits and unforeseen expenses normally follow until the damage has been repaired.  During such unfortunate events, management’s focus should be on continuing business operations and damage control, while we assist with the insurance claim support.

Loss Estimates

We assist our clients with document management, analysis and claim submission to identify and quantify the amount of loss incurred.

Business Interruption

We help our clients quantify losses incurred as a result of the inability to continue business operations, relocation of certain functions or a shift in business strategy.

Extra Expenses

Our experience with insurance claims allows us to identify the extra expenses incurred that should be included in the insurance claim.

We understand all aspects of insurance claims and work with our clients to ensure timely submission and maximum claim receipt.

Depending on the industry in which you operate, there may be specific regulatory requirements that you will need to comply with. The team at Grewal Guyatt is comprised of certified professionals with expertise on the rapidly changing regulatory environments. We work closely with your team to assess any current programs in place and develop recommendations to close any existing gaps that may exist.


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