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The automotive industry has unique tax and accounting considerations. Our team of professionals at Grewal Guyatt have experience working with several companies within the automotive industry, from car dealerships to global car and parts manufacturers. We understand the unique aspects of this industry which allows us to effectively support our automotive clients from a financial reporting, business advisory, taxation and internal control perspective. 


Construction and Real Estate

The construction industry within the Greater Toronto Area has been growing exponentially over the past decade and this growth is expected to continue. The professionals at Grewal Guyatt have extensive experience working with companies within commercial, residential and industrial construction.  We work closely with our construction clients to ensure they are structured appropriately for tax purposes, assisting with financial reporting to help ensure that their companies are structured to achieve maximum tax benefits while mitigating risk.

Our team routinely works with real estate and construction companies for tax planning, risk assessments, external audits, internal control implementation and fraud investigations.


Condominium Corporations

The Greater Toronto Area is comprised of thousands of condominium corporations, which are overseen by a Board of Directors and often managed by an independent property management company. A condominium corporation operates like most corporations and requires an annual financial statement audit.

We work closely with condominium corporations to ensure that their condominium corporation financial statement audit is completed accurately and within a timely fashion. As industry experts, we have been engaged to work on a variety of condominium corporation investigations related to irregularities within their operations. Our team works with the property management team and/or the Board of Directors to ensure that any investigation is completed in an independent and effective manner.



Our team of professionals at Grewal Guyatt have ascertained both a specialized knowledge and experience through working with many medical professionals and organizations within the healthcare industry.  Whether you are a newly established practice or have been practicing for several years, our team will work with you to build a comprehensive understanding of both your current and future goals, ensuring your practice is positioned in the most advantageous, tax efficient manner. 

In addition to medical professionals, we’re often engaged by healthcare organizations such as hospitals, family health teams and clinics to assure they are meeting their tax, accounting and regulatory objectives.  We have conducted financial statement audits,  fraud risk assessments and assisted healthcare organizations with their internal controls.


Manufacturing & Distribution

We understand that the manufacturing industry operates under pressure and requires all processes to operate efficiently and effectively.  Our team of professionals have experience working with manufacturing companies across a wide range of industries to ensure that they are strategically positioned to meet their goals. 

We work with manufacturing companies to ensure that their organizational structure is optimal for the purpose of tax planning, their internal controls are designed effectively to mitigate risk, and analyze “specific” or “relevant” processes (such as inventory management) to ensure they have been designed to achieve operational efficiency. Further, the audit professionals at Grewal Guyatt have ample experience managing external audits for manufacturing organizations across the country and the United States.



The Canadian mining industry is substantial and particularly alluring considering alternative mining operations are often located in higher-risk jurisdictions across the globe. Our team at Grewal Guyatt is well-versed in the intricacies of the mining industry from both an accounting and tax perspective, offering service to our clients in a variety of languages such as Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin. Our team has led several risk assessments for Canadian mining clients, including fraud risk assessments of their subsidiary entities operating in Latin America and Africa. Our team’s comprehensive understanding of mining operations and the affiliated industry risks allows us to create the most optimal strategy for our clients.



Not-for-profit organizations are subject to rules, regulations, and reporting requirements per the Canada Revenue Agency. At Grewal Guyatt, our professionals have extensive experience across all service lines related to not-for-profit engagements.

We understand that the not-for-profit industry is unique and reporting requirements as well as accounting methodologies can be complex. Our experience working on engagements within the not-for-profit industry has shaped our team into experts within the field.

The professionals at Grewal Guyatt have worked with a variety of not-for-profit organizations providing support and professional services such as tax planning and reporting, external audits, internal control implementation, forensic accounting and investigations.

When working with not-for-profit organizations, we recognize the importance of optimizing each and every dollar. Our team can help (re)structure and maximize the efficiency of your operations, allowing your organization to realize its full potential and fulfil its intended purpose.


Professional Athletes

Professional athletes face a unique set of financial and tax circumstances that require meticulous planning. Not only are professional athletes amongst the top percentile of income earners, their peak income earning years are capped to a significantly smaller window when compared against more traditional careers.

Maximizing after-tax income, sound financial planning and minimizing tax risk is essential to ensuring that the lifestyle of professional athletes can be maintained long after their professional athletic careers have ended.  

Examples of the planning and tax filings we offer include:

  • Canadian federal and provincial tax filings
  • US federal and state filings
  • Tax residency status determination
  • Cross border tax advice
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Structuring for endorsements and appearance fees
  • Family income splitting strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning


Professional Services

At Grewal Guyatt, we have experience working with professional service providers across a wide range of industries and backgrounds. Such professionals include lawyers, medical professionals, architects, engineers, and consultants, amongst others. Our team understands that each professional requires a unique approach and strategy aligned with their independent goals. Our professionals work closely with our clients to advise on the optimal business structure depending on the accounting and tax implications related to each.



Technology is the future and is evolving at a rapid pace. Opportunities for tech companies to scale and grow have been increasing substantially, but with all opportunities there are associated risks.

We work closely with our clients to develop strategies aligned with their goals while mitigating risk, offering support through tax planning, consulting, financial reporting, regulatory matters, large business transactions (mergers, acquisitions, etc), Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), financial recovery, corporate restructuring and risk management.