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Manager - Taxation

Peggy Zhai, CPA

Peggy Zhai, embarked on her professional journey at a mid-sized firm in Ottawa. Following her relocation to Toronto, she became a part of GGLLP, where she dedicated three years to work and earned her CPA designation. Subsequently, Peggy explored new opportunities by joining Segal LLP before eventually becoming a member of the corporate income tax team at Canadian Tire Corporation, delving into the corporate realm.

Having acquired diverse experience in both public accounting and industry settings, Peggy gained valuable insights into various aspects of accounting and taxation for both private and public companies. Her expertise encompasses compliance work in accounting, tax compliance for both Canadian and US jurisdictions, tax planning, tax provision preparation, and withholding tax analysis.

Driven by a genuine passion for taxation, Peggy made the decision to re-join GG’s tax division, as she desired to further her professional journey. Peggy’s ultimate goal is to provide tailored solutions that enable clients to optimize their tax strategies and achieve financial success.
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  • Bachelor of Business Administration with Distinction
  • Master of Business Administration with Distinction (Specialization in Accounting)
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

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