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Estate Planning and Corporate Reorganizations


An effective estate plan ensures your assets are protected during your lifetime, distributed according to your wishes during succession or death and maximizes the wealth left behind for your heirs. Our team specializes in estate planning and we will review your unique circumstances to provide tailored solutions which would typically include:

  • A review of the your existing assets and liabilities, including private company shares and corporate held assets
  • Review and recommendations of existing will(s) and powers of attorney, as well as the implementation of dual wills
  • Advising on the tax implications of transferring assets to family members, during lifetime or on death
  • Strategizing to reduce probate fees
  • Implementation of a corporate reorganization to “freeze” your tax liabilities based the value of your estate today
  • Advising on insurance strategies to fund taxes on death
  • Allow for the accumulation of wealth for your heirs during your lifetime while you retain control of the assets
  • Advising on your remuneration plan as to how to best fund your retirement with your existing estate

We have also been retained by estate trustees and powers of attorney in the event of a taxpayer’s death or incapacity to provide the following services:

  • Implement post-mortem tax planning to remove liquid assets in a tax-efficient manner
  • Represent estates in litigation matters
  • Assist in the orderly and tax-efficient distribution of assets to heirs or beneficiaries

Corporate reorganizations involve the restructuring of companies and assets within a corporate group (which may or may not include family trusts) to achieve numerous objectives, including:

  • Estate planning to minimize taxes on death and maximize the value of an estate
  • Facilitate a tax-efficient transfer of assets (including private company shares) to heirs
  • Creditor-proofing of personal or corporate assets
  • Income splitting with family members
  • Tax planning considerations in the potential purchase or sale of a business, including “purification strategies” to utilize the lifetime capital gains exemption
  • Corporate and personal tax minimization
  • Planning for a new business or joint ventures

Knowledgeable and very responsive, I can always count on Rick. He and the team at Grewal Guyatt have always done an excellent job on our various tax filings. Rick also helped facilitate an effective estate plan for myself and my family.
– Walter Rosati, CEO, Sigmapac Engineered Services, Toronto